Some Examples of our Outer Banks Website Design Services

Website Design

We will make sure your website is Responsively Designed. That means it will look good on all size screens. Over 70% of websites visited in the Outer Banks are viewed on Smartphones. That number is always increasing. When was the last time you were out and pulled out your Smartphone to find something?

Your Outer Banks business needs  a website designer who understands the seasonal nature of your business. We work with people on a budget. As a matter of fact we have plans that are easy on your budget and can be paid one time annually when you have the cash.

All our designs carry beautiful full width header images at your option. We will even provide those images for your business. All you need to do is provide us with your logo and we will do the rest.

Need someone to do your textual writing? We can do that too. Just give us the subjects and a little history about your business and we will come up with the rest. No need to send an email if you have a hard time typing. We can do it all on the phone. Call 252.489.4523 and we can set you up with a time.

Get more traffic to your website. Everything Outer Banks can push people towards your services. You would be amazed at the amount of contacts we get about businesses in the Outer Banks.

Website Hosting

We use local companies when we can. However, there are no Outer Banks web hosting companies. That’s right, zip, zero, zilch. The Outer Banks is not a safe place to put up a datacenter. A datacenter is where a website hosting company has their servers. One thing you can be sure of is we do not outsource to foreign countries. We have 24/7 All American technical support. You will not be on the phone with someone with a foreign accent if you should ever have trouble with your email, domain name or website hosting.

Our hosting is Veteran Owned. You can be sure that a portion of each account goes to help support a Veteran or Veteran organization. As a matter of fact we have a business system designed to serve U.S. Veterans. If you are a Veteran and have technical or sales skills feel free to contact us and we will discuss options.


There are only a few ways to advertise on the web in the Outer Banks. If you are familiar with some competitors you know their prices are astronomical. We have plans to fit every budget. As a matter of fact we have plans that can be included just for hosting your website with us. We can start you as low as $299 per year and we will even include Managed WordPress website hosting free.

Feel free to contact us about website design, hosting or advertising. Call 252.489.4523 or use the contact form below.