Reports of blue fish on ramps 38,44 and 55. 55 also had flounder and a yearling drum was reported. A 31 inch drum on ramp 38. An under slot drum ramp 44. Have a great night……………………RDT!!!!!!! Source Red Drum Tackle Shop Hatteras

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Crazy day of wind down here in Buxton. Not much to report. Did see a picture of a 27 inch black drum caught today………forgot to ask where??????? OOOPPPSSSSS sorry about that. Have a great night………………………..RDT!!!!! Source Red Drum Tackle Shop...

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Flags Were Flying!

Sunny and 75 in November, we will take it! Flags were flying as boats made it back to the Marina this afternoon with multiple White Marlins released! Big Eyes, Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo were also all seen on the docks today as well. Congratulations on your citations...

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The point had all the blue fish you wanted today. Reports of a 38 and 39 inch drum from the point and some slot drum. Sea mullet on ramp 43. Black drum caught on multiple ramps up and down the beach. Have a great night……………….RDT!!!!! Source Red Drum Tackle Shop...

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Tunas and Wahoo, OH MY!

Another beautiful fall day here at Pirate’s Cove Marina! The Inlet boats had good catches of Striper, Trout and Flounder. We only had one boat Offshore today, the Trophy Hunter, and they returned with a great catch of Tuna and a Wahoo. We are hoping to have a few go...

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There have been reports of drum at the point. We did one drum citation tonight. Weighed several nice sea mullets today, 1 to 2 ponders.  Blue fish up and down the beach on bait and metal. Some grey trout down on ramp 55. Have a great night ……………………RDT!!!!!!...

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Lifelong Friends

October 24, 2022 by biteme Lifelong friends, Bill and Eric on board the bite me. Fellow Hillbillies. Eric has fished with us quite a lot, the was Bills first time. We kinda went somewhere new hoping to find the better body of fish. We had some bites, but most were...

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Blackfins and a Sailfish

October 24, 2022 by biteme Our crew on the boat today, October 20th, comes and fishes with us every fall, also had a crew on the Hatteras Fever. Steady pick all day ended up with a mess of blackfins and sailfish. Thanks guys, great to always have you guys on board!...

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