Stormy Weather is No Fun!!!

Stormy Weather is NO FUN!!!

We had a few Inlet/Nearshore boats go out and brave the weather today.  In spite of the rough waters, these fine fishermen reeled in some Ribbonfish, Albacore, and Speckled Trout.  Can you say: Way To Go?/?

Tomorrow is another day…Right!  Waiting on Mother Nature to decide what she is going to do.  Go away Storm….go!

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Winds Are a Blowin’

Winds Are a Blowin’

Beautiful sun shiny day, but the winds have decided to kick up a bit.  Windy days equal rough seas, but we managed a little fishin’ anyway.

Our OffShore Fleet left out early this morning with folks excited and prepared for a Fishing Adventure.  Our Captains are always ready, willing, and able to accommodate.  The Fleet brought in some Tuna and also released a Blue and White Marlin.  We love a Challenge!

Our NearShore/InShore Fleet have been busy this morning.  They have reeled in a great combination of Albacore, Blue Fish, and Spanish this morning.  They managed to back in before the waters got too choppy.  These guys are fearless and determined.

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Live Bait Action

Captain Dave at the helm today while me and boys were at the races.

He took the crew live bait fishing and they caught a nice mess of kings, a fat blackfin and a few sea mullet while catching bait.

Light tackle live bait fishing the awesome action and you should give it a try if you never have!

Several King and black fin citations today!

Live bait action continues!

Couple of good friends from Charlotte NC on board today and it was good to have them back.

We decided that getting some live bait was the best bet for action and we were right!

Don caught a couple really nice ones 44 and 34 pounds.

Joe came along and caught a couple and gaffed a couple.

Really good action.

Limited out and came in early.

Tuna, Dolphin Wahoo!

New friends on board from New York, some big guys and some little guys.

I really love taking the little guys fishing, they had some sea sickness, but rallied!

nice mess of yellowfins and a dolphin and a wahoo!

Thanks Guys!

Good Tuna Fishing

Good tuna fishing continues for our long time friend Ron and his crew

We caught a mix of yellowfins and blackfins, mostly yellowfins and a couple kings

Had a couple wahoos relieve us of sea witches on Flouro as well.

Thanks guys, glad you made in back on board the bite me!