OCEAN:  Offshore success has slowed somewhat from the previous week, catches out of Ocracoke & Hatteras were diverse but total catch numbers were low.  Wahoo, dolphin, and  blackfin tuna were most common along with a few billfish releases.  Bottom fishing in deep water’s yielded blueline tilefish, triggerfish and a few amberjack.  Nearshore action was a bit more consistent with bluefish and spanish mackerel an almost guaranteed catch on most trips along with a few sheepshead, weakfish, spot, cobia, and over-slot red drum.  Offshore anglers heading out of Oregon Inlet had somewhat better catches offshore with limits of both dolphin and blueline tilefish on a daily basis along with a few scattered wahoo and both yellow & blackfin tuna.  Nearshore fishing was fair-good on most days, limits of spotted seatrout were caught on some trips along with a few citation size cobia.  Amberjack, black seabass, little tunny, and assorted others were caught in low amounts.

INLETS/SOUNDS/BAYS:  Fishing these waters has yielded limited success in the Hatteras region, over-slot size red drum have been caught in high numbers with a mixed bag of species caught in very low amounts.  Northern area catches have been better, flounder have been the primary target of most anglers due to the much improved keeper ratios.  Bodie Island light/Off Island access has been the hot spot for doormat specimens, access can be tough with shallow water areas near shorelines yielding the best catches.  Moderate amounts of black seabass, sea robin, croaker, lizardfish, pinfish, pigfish, puffer, spot, and assorted sharks were also caught.

PIERS/BEACH:  I won’t glorify this into something it’s not-things have been slow indeed from North to South with only a few bluefish, spanish mackerel, kingfish, croaker, spot, and pompano being reported along with various others in low amounts.

Brian A Melott

Recreational Port Agent

Division of Marine Fisheries

NC Department of Environmental Quality