OCEAN:  Offshore anglers have been denied access for quite a while due to the recent storm, the first few post-storm trips have offered Hatteras fisherman limits of dolphin, citation size wahoo, and scattered black & yellowfin  tuna- along with a few sailfish releases.  The North beach marina’s were glad to be fishing again as well and limits of dolphin along with moderate amounts of both yellow & blackfin tuna .  Inshore fishing offered Hatteras anglers high volume amounts of spotted seatrout, unfortunately keeper ratios were poor.  Red drum catches were very good with a full spectrum of sizes from the very small to the over-slot giants.  Anglers out of the North beach marinas caught high numbers of bluefish along with moderate amounts of Spanish mackerel mixed in, a few spotted seatrout and stingrays were also reported.

INLETS/SOUNDS/BAYS:  Fishing is recovering in these waters as well, recent flooding limiting access.  Post storm trips did offer some satisfaction after a long down- time with a mixed bag of species in low-moderate amounts including some very large kingfish-( sea mullet) along with flounder, black seabass, croaker, spot, and puffer.  Anglers fishing the Roanoke Sound  off of the “Little Bridge” and underneath of the Washington Baum” Bridge caught limits of striped bass along with a few spotted seatrout.

PIERS/SHORE:  Anglers fishing off of beaches were very limited as well, when sea’s subsided by mid-week a varied amount of species were caught- some short-term bluefish blitzes occurred along with some very large black drum and sea mullet.  Fisherman reported a host of other species including spotted seatrout, croaker, puffer, red drum, skates & rays. Pier anglers were the only one’s that did fish during the storm to a small extent-a few red drum & dogfish sharks were caught by those that toughed out the adverse weather conditions, catches after the storm were the same as the surf-casters.

Brian A. Melott
Marine Fisheries Tech II