OCEAN:  The beginning of the Autumn season has offered good fishing results for the most part.  Offshore anglers out of Hatteras had a great week of billfishing with exclusively sailfish for the most part caught in very high numbers.  Fishing for “table fare” offered moderate amounts of wahoo, dolphin, and both yellow & blackfin tuna.  Bottom fishing in deep water was good with amberjack, triggerfish, and vermillion snapper being most common.  Nearshore fishing was next to non-existent due to low catch rates and better opportunities elsewhere.  Offshore fishing out of Oregon inlet yielded limits of both dolphin and yellowfin tuna on most outings, moderate amounts of wahoo,  blackfin tuna , and assorted billfish were also caught to make up  a great day of fishing.  Nearshore catches seemed to be one extreme or the other, good days provided plenty of both bluefish and spanish mackerel along with a few little tunny (false albacore).

INLETS/SOUNDS/BAYS:  Fishing in these water’s continues to improve, anglers fishing the south region had plenty of diversity in their catch with red drum of all sizes being caught in high numbers along with moderate amounts of spotted seatrout and bluefish, a few spanish mackerel and weakfish were also caught.  Northern region catches included various species as well, limits of spotted seatrout was almost a daily occurrence with early morning hours being most consistent.  Moderate amounts of bluefish, spanish mackerel, red drum, and little tunny along with a few other’s in low amounts including cobia, black seabass, pigfish, pinfish, kingfish, croaker, flounder, and weakfish were also caught.

PIERS/BEACH:  Everything in general & nothing in particular is the best way to describe this fishing from North to South with low-moderate amounts of kingfish, black drum, red drum, bluefish, croaker, pompano, spot, spanish mackerel, silver perch, and a mixed bag of other’s.

Brian A Melott

Recreational Port Agent

Division of Marine Fisheries

NC Department of Environmental Quality