OCEAN:  Hermine and now Tropical Storm Julia have limited fishing especially for the offshore anglers, the days in between did offer good catches however. Offshore catches out of Hatteras included moderate amounts of wahoo with plenty of citations being awarded.  Billfish catches were good and diverse with sailfish and both blue and white marlin reported.  Moderate amounts of dolphin and both yellow & blackfin tuna were also caught.  Nearshore success was fair with spanish mackerel, bluefish, and spotted seatrout being most prevalent.  Gulfstream access via Oregon Inlet yielded limits of dolphin on most outings, moderate amounts of citation size wahoo and yellowfin tuna in 70lb + range along with a few scattered blackfin tuna made anglers very pleased in most cases.  Nearshore catches were good also, bluefish, spanish mackerel and little tunny (false albacore) were almost a guaranteed catch on a daily basis.

INLETS/SOUNDS/BAYS:  Fishing in these water’s continue to improve on a weekly basis, fishing the Sound out of Hatteras has produced plenty of over-slot citation size red drum along with a moderate amount of legal keeper size specimens.  Weakfish, bluefish, spotted seatrout, and spanish mackerel were all caught with increased regularity this previous week.  Northern area catches  were good also with plenty of diverse species being caught, bluefish, spanish mackerel, and spotted seatrout were caught in high numbers along with a host of others in low-moderate amounts including red drum, oyster toadfish, silver perch, searobin, pigfish, pinfish, puffer, spot, croaker, black seabass, kingfish, and flounder.

PIERS/SHORE: Tropical storms have kept sea’s rough and limited access for these anglers for the most part.  South beach catches were poor with only a few bluefish, spanish mackerel, red drum, kingfish, and undersize flounder reported.  North beach catches were better, little tunny (false albacore) were caught on a daily basis using surface plugs & lures for some exciting top water action, low-moderate amounts of croaker, kingfish, red drum, spanish mackerel, bluefish, sheepshead, flounder, and striped burrfish were also caught.

Brian A Melott

Recreational Port Agent

Division of Marine Fisheries

NC Department of Environmental Quality