OCEAN: Offshore fishing remains good in most cases/locations. Anglers fishing out of the north beach marinas had limits of dolphin on most outings along with moderate amounts of both yellowfin & blackfin tuna. Billfish catches have remained consistent with white marlin constituting most of them, a few sailfish, blue marlin, and spearfish were also reported. Hatteras marinas have had plenty of nice size wahoo hitting the docks making up the bulk of the offshore catches, assorted tuna’s, dolphin, and amberjack were caught in low-moderate amounts. Bottom fishing was good yielding plenty of triggerfish and vermillion snapper along with a few tripletail, porgy, almaco jack, and blackbelly rosefish. Midrange/nearshore action continues to be moderate-good throughout the region with high numbers of bluefish and spanish mackerel being caught by those lucky enough to be there for their short-term blitzing. Little tunny (false albacore), triggerfish, and black seabass were also caught in much lesser amounts. Hatteras marinas had decent red drum catches this previous week but most were over-slot one’s.

INLETS/SOUNDS/BAYS: This fishing is finally starting to improve with some nice catches of both weakfish and spotted seatrout. Roanoke Sound anglers have experienced the best success rates off of the causeway- “Little Bridge” and underneath of the “Washington Baum Bridge with early morning hours producing the most fish. Shallow water areas at Oregon Inlet did yield a few nice keeper flounder- the bridge pilings produced some nice sheepshead, black drum and spadefish. Bluefish, spanish mackerel, black seabass , searobin, and croaker were caught in moderation throughout the area along with assorted others in low amounts.

PIERS/SHORE: Success rates have been poor-moderate in most cases, the bluefish/spanish mackerel blitzes experienced by the nearshore boaters have also offered P/S anglers some nice catches on a few occasions. Water temps remain in the upper 70’s keeping the pompano in the surf zone later in the season than normally with some moderate catches using sand fleas as the preferred bait. Kingfish (sea mullet), croaker, black & red drum, silver perch, sea robin, flounder, pinfish, pigfish, striped burrfish, smooth & spiny dogfish, skates and stingrays were also caught in varied amounts.

Brian A. Melott
Marine Fisheries Tech II