OCEAN: Limits of dolphin were had by most anglers heading offshore this previous week, billfish catches have improved significantly with some boats returning with a “Grand-Slam” catch of sailfish and both blue & white marlin. The Hatteras offshore action has picked up with citation size wahoo and plenty of blackfin tuna along with lesser amounts of other assorted tuna’s. Midrange/near shore trips have yielded a few over-slot red drum along with high volume catches of both spanish mackerel & bluefish.

INLETS/SOUNDS/BAYS: Anglers struggled to catch much of anything in these waters, most reported not even getting a bite or at best a few undersize flounder & trout. Spot, croaker, pigfish, and sea mullet were caught in moderation offering something for the dinner table when little else was available. Manns Harbor/Mashoes anglers caught a few undersize striped bass. Anglers fishing the Roanoke Sound in the early morning hours did manage to catch a few keeper spotted seatrout & weakfish but this has dropped off as well.

PIERS/SHORE: Fishing success rates have been moderate in these waters with a mixed bag of species caught, beaches from Avon southward have produced some decent catches of spanish mackerel & bluefish for those fortunate enough to be there for the short -term blitzes. Pompano & sea mullet are still available in the near shore surf zone with sand fleas being the bait of choice, a host of others were caught in lesser amounts including lizardfish, black drum, sheepshead, dogfish sharks, pinfish, spot, pigfish, croaker, blue runner, silver perch, cutlassfish, puffer, weakfish, spotted seatrout, skates & assorted rays.

Brian A. Melott
Marine Fisheries Tech II